Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Jewellry Stuff!

I tried taking some pictures but they're all blurry! DX
I'm posting a few, but don't be expecting amazingness lol
 I don't know if you can tell, but that's a bracelet I made! It uses beads that look like turquiose and grey marble, along with some silver beads. They give it a sort of earthy, Native American look!
These are a few examples of the jewellry wire I use. The black and light silver are .3 mm wire. This kind of wire is good for bending into things such as charms, ear cuffs, an other small accessories. If you want to buy some, it's easily found at Michael's or basically any other craft store. Be careful not to get bead stringing wire though, as it won't hold a shape at all.

Note on beads~ You don't have to use the expensive, glass beads! I use plastic beads that look like glass, but are much cheaper. Another type of bead I enjoy are the plastic beads made to look like crystals. They go surprisingly well with the 'glass' beads!

If you want an ear cuff tutorial to be posted, comment below! :)

Thanks for dropping by! <3

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