Monday, February 25, 2013

Cool Jewellry Ideas

Hey there! So. I was in a creative mood earlier today, so I decided to make a bracelet or something. I couldn't decide what to make though!
I searched for some cool jewellry making tips and ideas, and I got a lot of great stuff! Of course, this means I have an obligation as a blogger to share it with you!
Magical List of Jewellry Ideas*
1. Combine glass and metallic beads for a cool, new-agey look (Is that even a word?)
2. Use wire and small colored glass beads to make fun shapes and dangle them from a necklace
3. Make an ear cuff** with some colored beads or cool designs
4. Try weaving some different colored jewellry wires together for a fun bracelet! Hint- Use golds and browns for a cool, slightly cultural/Indian looking style, silver and black for a slightly punked-out look, and rainbow colors for flashy fun!
5. Use yarn/cord to make a cool friendship bracelet

Hope these ideas give you some inspiration, they sure gave some to me!

*I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow. And no, these are not truly magic, just fun :)
**If you don't know what this is, then I shall explain! An ear cuff is like an earring that goes in your cartilage, but it doesn't require a piercing. It just slides right onto your ear! I'll also post a tutorial for those sometime this week :D

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